by John Mak March 5, 2012


Rally at the White House
Free Syria Conference
Fundraising Dinner



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Senator McCain calls for airstrikes in Syria

by John Mak March 5, 2012

“After a year of bloodshed, the crisis in Syria has reached a decisive moment.

“It is estimated that more than 7,500 lives have been lost. The United Nations has declared that Syrian security forces are guilty of crimes against humanity, including the indiscriminate shelling of civilians, the execution of defectors, and the widespread torture of prisoners. Bashar Al-Assad is now doing to Homs what his father did to Hama. Aerial photographs procured by Human Rights Watch show a city that has been laid to waste by Assad’s tanks and artillery. A British photographer who was wounded and evacuated from the city described it as ‘a medieval siege and slaughter.’ The kinds of mass atrocities that NATO intervened in Libya to prevent in Benghazi are now a reality in Homs. Indeed, Syria today is the scene of some of the worst state-sponsored violence since Milosevic’s war crimes in the Balkans, or Russia’s annihilation of the Chechen city of Grozny.



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US risks missing out on Syria

by John Mak March 3, 2012

No one can quite comprehend the Obama administration's hesitation regarding an intervention in Syria, but Obama risks missing out on the good will of the majority of Muslims and the majority of Christians in the Middle East. Obama is siding with Iran and Hezbollah, and not our allies in the region.

Turkey, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, and nearly every other nation in the Middle East are arming the Free Syria Army (the anti-Assad army), while Obama continues to discuss and buy Assad time to massacre more civilians. Obama will not be remembered kindly.



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Why I am damn proud to be Syrian

by Ammar February 24, 2012

Growing up the son of Syrian exiles is a unique experience that is unknown to the non-Syrian community; it’s a “smell but don’t touch” policy.

Syria to me is like this mythical land of fantasies where everyone around me would tell me how great it was, but it was something I only dreamt of. The other Syrian kids would be able to go visit, spend time with their extended family, travel the great cities of Syria, indulge in the delicious foods, and just generally have a blast there. But why not me?



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Conservatives call on Obama to intervene in Syria

by John Mak February 18, 2012


Fifty-six leading conservative foreign-policy experts wrote an open letter Friday to U.S. President Barack Obama calling on him to directly aid the Syrian opposition and protect the lives of Syrian civilians.

"For eleven months now, the Syrian people have been dying on a daily basis at the hands of their government as they seek to topple the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad.  As the recent events in the city of Homs-in which hundreds of Syrians have been killed in a matter of days-have shown, Assad will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power," wrote the experts.



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Syria Freedom Video with Katy Perry

by John Mak February 16, 2012

A new Syria Freedom Video set to Katy Perry's, Part of Me, very powerful message and amazing choreography with the revolution and song!

This is Free Syria from FreedomHurriyaAzadi on Vimeo.


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Free Syria Wrist Band Bracelets

by John Mak February 14, 2012

Get your "Free Syria" bracelets, apparel, and custom wearable items at the new Facebook Store and Ebay store. All proceeds go to supporting the poor, helpless, maimed, and displaced families in Syria:

Facebook Store

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Family Slaughtered Inside Home

by John Mak February 11, 2012

A new video coming out of the city of Homs shows an entire family that was slaughtered inside their home. They were discovered 10 days later. A horrific scene unfolds. The father was killed away from the rest of the family, while they watched. Likely, he was humiliated and tortured in front of his wife and kids, then the wife and kids were scared into a corner and had their heads covered with hoods, then gunned down. This family was found, but their are hundreds of others that are yet to be discovered. Don't watch this video if you are at work:



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