Contact Congress on Massacre in Syria

by John Mak December 9, 2011


Sign up with and they will automatically find your congressional and senate leaders, as well as the president. You can quickly send them a short letter (email or printed) supporting quick action in Syria. The shorter the message the more likely it will be read.

Here is a sample letter:

The situation in Syria has gone from really bad to horrifyingly catastrophic very quickly. A massacre is taking place in various cities in Syria, especially the city of Homs, and we are yet to take a full stand against Syria's ruthless dictator, Assad. We have to act quickly to prevent further deaths and injury. Assad's regime is mercilessly killing men, women, and children indiscriminately with tanks, aerial bombardment, and armed troops and thugs. A full blown massacre is under way!

Over 8000 have been killed (that we can account for) and the real figure is probably double or triple that number, but Amnesty stopped keeping track in January 2012. Why do we stand idly by and allow this to happen?

We need to enforce a no-fly zone immediately and a humantitarian zone where Assad's troops are not allowed to cross into to kill innocent civilians that have lost their homes and are seeking shelter. When Gadaffi threatened a massacre, we acted quickly. Assad is actually commiting one. How much longer can we allow this to go on?

Thank you and please act quickly. 



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