Reflections: One Year Anniversary of AmericanSyrians

by John Mak April 24, 2012 was registered and launched on April 19, 2011. We hoped we would never reach the one year anniversary mark and never have to actually post updates this far removed from the beginning of the Syrian rally for freedom. Alas, here we are. Thirty million visitors later. Thank you all for following us and reading us! Keep spreading the word about the humanitarian and criminal disaster in Syria. The Syrian people need our help. Elected officials need to hear from us. Syria needs help. Syria needs an intervention in the worst way.



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April Chicago Rally Promotional Video

by John Mak April 17, 2012


Huge Syria Rally in Chicago April 28

by John Mak April 13, 2012


Chicago | Photos supports American Syrian Coalition

by John Mak April 12, 2012

Four major organizations for Syrian advocacy in the United States have joined forces and issued a joint statement regarding intervening in Syria. Read their statement here:



A Letter A Day for Syria Campaign

by John Mak April 7, 2012

A Letter A Day

We are launching a new campaign called "A Letter A Day for Syria". Every day, before you sleep at night, send a letter to your congressional leaders and president Obama urging them to help the Syrian people. This is the most effective campaign and will get the most results. Our goal is to have 2 million letters sent to congress by Memorial Day 2012! 


Register now with website. This will save all of your information, and you can quickly send a letter every day without having to login, edit your information, and reuse it.

They count how many letters are sent on each topic and that influences the decision makers. "Senator, we got another 15 on Syria."



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Syrian Christians against Assad

by John Mak April 6, 2012

Syria's large Christian population , who has been tortured and oppressed along side the Muslims of Syria, have been strong supporters of the revolution and have been outspoken against Assad. Take a look at this video from a Christian Syrian leader. English subtitles.



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$12M from US is a band aid, not a solution

by John Mak April 2, 2012

President Obama is pledging to send $12 million dollars in US aid to the the Syrian people.  He is calling it "non-lethal" and humanitarian aid. Perhaps someone can explain this to us, why are we sending them $12 million dollars to help treat those being injured and maimed by Assad. Why aren't we working to eliminate Assad? Does this make any sense? It's sbsolutely absurd.

The Obama administration has a confounding, twisted, confusing, illogical, and disturbing foreign policy agenda that is complicated and contradictory. Rather than put forth a solution to get rid of the killer, we are going to allow him to keep killing, but we are going to send in medications to those who got injured and aren't dead yet?

Does this make any sense? Is this what America does? Is this what we stand for? When America decides to act, we don't do something half assed. This is a quarter assed way of "helping". It's embarrassing the United States abroad in a region where should not be trying to knowingly insult the people's collective intelligence.



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