FSA: We are killing Sunnis, not Alawites

by John Mak July 13, 2012

The Free Syrian Army continues to stress that they are at war with the regime, and not a specific sect. In all of their press releases, videos, and statements, they stress that they have killed Sunni informants, Sunni spies, Sunni regime leaders, and Sunni members of Assad's forces. They stress that you haven't heard of a single Alawite town being massacred. Not a single one. Read their full statement.



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Syrian Christians against Assad

by John Mak April 6, 2012

Syria's large Christian population , who has been tortured and oppressed along side the Muslims of Syria, have been strong supporters of the revolution and have been outspoken against Assad. Take a look at this video from a Christian Syrian leader. English subtitles.



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