No doubts: Perpetrators of Houla massacre were Assad's military forces

by John Mak May 28, 2012

Assad's spin machine is attempting to blame the Houla Massacre on the freedom-loving demonstrators, but eye witness acounts from children survivors of the Houla Massacre have surfaced, including video interviews on Youtube, describing Assad's military and para-military forces as the perpetrators of the Houla Massacre. An older female survivor tells the same story of Assad's military going home to home and killing everything in sight. The two children survived by playing dead. The female child that survived was connected to a chest tube and stabbed in the chest as she gave her Youtube interview. The little boy that survived smeared blood on himself and played dead. 



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Female Detainee Tells about Prison Torture in Syria

by John Mak March 24, 2012

A letter written with the blood and tears of a female detainee in Syria's prison, translated by Sumayya...

We plead with the world, rescue us immediately.

How many letters have we written? Written with our groans and our tears…

We’ve sent them with the breeze, in hopes that they’d reach someone who would listen to them…

But we were unable to send our letters on paper, and so we sufficed to send our groans…

And we shrieked into the darkness of the night…



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Women Raped in Syria, Husband forced to watch

by John Mak March 14, 2012

A new torture and humiliation tactic being reported by Syrians, is that the women would be gang raped and the husband would be forced to watch. If he tries to look away or close his eyes, he gets beaten. This has been reported by many who have escaped. Another similar method is torturing children in front of their parents and forcing them to watch. Including, burning the children alive. As the world watches and debates.


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Syrian Regime Gang Raping Women

by John Mak May 13, 2011

The Syrian Regime's security thugs starting a campaign of gang raping women. Here is one woman's story. It's a video in Arabic with a brief summary of her story in English below.



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