Aleppo, Damascus roar into the revolution

by John Mak June 2, 2012


or fourteen months, the two largest cities in Syria have been relatively revolution free. No more! The big merchants of Damascus and Aleppo have been on strike for 4 days straight in protest and objection to the Houla massacre. Further, they have had massive, rip-roaring protests. From a historic perspective, as the merchants go, so does Syria. Assad is finished, it's just a matter of when and how. Start planning victory parties!


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Why I am damn proud to be Syrian

by Ammar February 24, 2012

Growing up the son of Syrian exiles is a unique experience that is unknown to the non-Syrian community; it’s a “smell but don’t touch” policy.

Syria to me is like this mythical land of fantasies where everyone around me would tell me how great it was, but it was something I only dreamt of. The other Syrian kids would be able to go visit, spend time with their extended family, travel the great cities of Syria, indulge in the delicious foods, and just generally have a blast there. But why not me?



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Elite and Rich Funding Syria's Revolution

by John Mak June 19, 2011

While Syria's government is going bankrupt, the upper middle class still has money and is working hard to fund and energize the revolution. Assad's cousin Rami Makhlouf recently announced that he is donating his money back to the Syrian people. All he did was infuse $1 billion dollars back into Syria's government coffers to fight the revolution, because the government is strapped for cash and can not sustain this on-going brutal crackdown.



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My Letter To President Obama

by Ammar May 9, 2011

Honorable President Obama:

I know you receive millions of messages but I hope you will read this one.

I am writing to you today about the situation in Syria, the land of my forefathers.



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Wainik ya Halab? (where are you Aleppo?)

by Ammar April 25, 2011

We've all been following the Syrian uprising and we've seen the fear barrier broken in all cities accross Syria from small towns like Daraa and Bayda, and even in the capital and Homs. But surprisingly, Aleppo, Syria's largest city, has been relatively quite. 

Aleppo, the oldest city in the world, lies in the North of the country, near the Turkish border. It has some of the world's most beautiful historical architecture. It's population is diverse, consisting of Arabs, Kurds, Armenians and others. It has Muslims, Christians and Jews all living peacefully. It is a bustling city with vast farm lands as well. There was once a disagreement on whether Halab should actually be the capital. 



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