Family Pleads For Help to Rescue 11 Year Old Daughter Trapped in Daraa Syria

by Kurd May 16, 2011

DEARBORN (WWJ) - A Southeast Michigan family from Syria is appealing for the U.S. to help evacuate their daughter who is trapped in the war-torn country.

American-born, 11-year-old Sara Alouh has not been heard from since the beginning of democratic protests and clashes with government troops.

The girl’s father, Ahamad Alouh of Flint, said Sara is with her grandparents in Syria, where their home in Dara’a was destroyed by tanks.



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Syria Agents Discuss Army "Wiping them all out"

by John Mak April 25, 2011

A fake facebook page supposedly garnering support for Assad in the United States shows what kind of bizarre attitude and behavior Syria's security forces have, take a look at this screen capture:



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