FSA created their own safe zones

by John Mak June 28, 2012

The Free Syrian Army is creating their own "safe zones" and Assad's regime forces have lost control over all of Syria except for the central parts of a few of the larger cities. Take a look at this map and explore the safe zones that the FSA have created.




Emergency Ralllies Across the US in Support of Homs after Daycare Massacre

by John Mak May 26, 2012

Americans all across the Unites States are holding emergency rallies in support of the Syrian people in light of the Houla Daycare Massacre. Over 50 children were slaughtered by hand in a daycare. In New York, a demonstration was held in front of the United Nations building asking the United Nations to be more aggressive on Syria and to stop turning a bling eye to the plight of freedom loving people in Syria.



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Huge Syria Rally in Chicago April 28

by John Mak April 13, 2012


Chicago | Photos

Why I am damn proud to be Syrian

by Ammar February 24, 2012

Growing up the son of Syrian exiles is a unique experience that is unknown to the non-Syrian community; it’s a “smell but don’t touch” policy.

Syria to me is like this mythical land of fantasies where everyone around me would tell me how great it was, but it was something I only dreamt of. The other Syrian kids would be able to go visit, spend time with their extended family, travel the great cities of Syria, indulge in the delicious foods, and just generally have a blast there. But why not me?



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SAC DC event a major success

by John Mak May 24, 2011

Syrian Americans and other Americans that participated in the May 24th Washigton DC Syria Freedom Day organized by the Syrian American Council deemed the event a major success. The group hit the offices of senators and congressional leaders early in the morning and were able to meet with the office staff of the following representatives:



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Despite freezing rain Chicagoans rally for Syria

by John Mak May 14, 2011
Chicago May 14th, 2011 - Despite the freezing rain and 46 degree temperature (9 Celsius), Chicagoans came out in strength to support the people of Syria and Libya in their fight for freedom and democracy.

See the pictures



Chicago | Photos | Rally | Syria

Detroit Rally for Syria Freedom

by John Mak May 13, 2011

Detroit area Syrians hold rally for freedom and democracy in Syria! See the pictures below!



Detroit | Photos

Toledo Ohio Supports Syria

by John Mak May 8, 2011
A large rally supporting the freedom fighters in Syria was held in Toledo, Ohio on Thursday May 5th, 2011. It was a candle light vigil for all the fallen and all of those killed at the hands of Assad's merciless regime. See the photos from the rally below. More...


Photos | Rally | Syria | Toledo

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