60,000 have been murdered

by John Mak January 2, 2013

As the two year anniversary of the Syrian revolution approaches, well over 60,000 Syrians have been killed at the hands of their very own government. A government that is supposed to be protecting them. Meanwhile, the entirety of the world watches, debates, discusses, and doesn't decide on anything.

Women, young and old, are being systematically raped. Children are being tortured, brutalized, and killed. Men of all ages are being detained, tortured, raped, poked, proded, and dismembered. No one is safe from this brutal regime.

As the second year anniversary approaches, we pray that this nightmare ends soon. We pray that world leaders will stop hitching their wagons to the Assad train. We pray that wisdom, justice, and humanity will prevail. 

It's time to start rebuilding Syria.


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No doubts: Perpetrators of Houla massacre were Assad's military forces

by John Mak May 28, 2012

Assad's spin machine is attempting to blame the Houla Massacre on the freedom-loving demonstrators, but eye witness acounts from children survivors of the Houla Massacre have surfaced, including video interviews on Youtube, describing Assad's military and para-military forces as the perpetrators of the Houla Massacre. An older female survivor tells the same story of Assad's military going home to home and killing everything in sight. The two children survived by playing dead. The female child that survived was connected to a chest tube and stabbed in the chest as she gave her Youtube interview. The little boy that survived smeared blood on himself and played dead. 



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Friend tells story of wife thrown off balcony -- "don't send condolences, call a congressman"

by Zaid June 3, 2011

A friend of a friend sent the following message a couple weeks ago to spread to fellow Syrians in America (I've removed names to protect anybody involved): Family says to call congress and the president, not to send condolences.



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Women protesting in Syria despite arrests and torture

by John Mak May 21, 2011

'The regime has been rattled'. A human rights activist and lawyer describes the situation in Syria Link to this video

They came for the men first, as the security forces of Syria's PresidentBashar al-Assad killed, beat and arrested people protesting against his regime.

Next, they came for the women of Syria's revolution. Despite the threats, however, they refuse to be silenced.



Syria | Torture | Women

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