American Syrians - Internet Syria Revolution News from an American Perspective in English BlogEngine.NET en-US AmericanSyrians American Syrians 0.000000 0.000000 Glad Tidings for Shaam <p>To Muslims, Syria is more than just a random Middle Eastern country. The word in Arabic for the Syria region is "sham". Take a look at some Muslim religious texts on Syria.</p> <p></p> <p>&ldquo;Glad tidings for Sham, glad tidings for Sham, glad tidings for Sham.&rdquo; The&nbsp;Companions asked: &ldquo;And why is that, O Messenger of Allah?&rdquo; He replied: &ldquo;O glad tidings for Sham. The Angels of Allah spread their wings over Sham.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;Go to Sham, for it is the chosen land of Allah&rsquo;s lands, and it is the destination of His chosen servants.&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;A fire will emerge at the end of time from Hadramawt, and it will gather the people together.&rdquo; The Companions asked: &ldquo;So, what do you command us to do, O Messenger of Allah?&rdquo; He (peace be upon him) replied: &ldquo;Go to Sham.&rdquo;</p> <p>&lsquo;Abdullah bin Hawalah said: &ldquo;O Messenger of Allah! Determine for me a land that I should live in, for if I knew that you would be with us for a long time, I would not choose anything over staying with you.&rdquo; The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: &ldquo;Go to Sham, go to Sham, go to Sham.&rdquo; So, when he saw that I disliked Sham, he said: &ldquo;Do you know what Allah &ndash; the Mighty and Majestic &ndash; Said? He Said: &ldquo;You are the cream of My lands to which I enter the best of My servants.&rdquo; And on the night of my Isra&rsquo; , I saw a<br /> white pillar as if it were made of pearls being carried by the Angels. I asked them: &ldquo;What are you carrying?&rdquo; They said: &ldquo;We are carrying the pillar of Islam, and we were commanded to place it in Sham.&rdquo;""</p> <p>&ldquo;If the people of Sham become corrupt, there is no good in you. There will always be a victorious group of my Ummah. They will not be harmed by those who betray them until the Hour is established.&rdquo; And in one narration: &ldquo;And they are in Sham.&rdquo;</p> <p><br />&ldquo;The essence of the lands of the believers is Sham.&rdquo;</p> <p>O' people of Syria</p> <p>O' peole of Islam</p> <p>O' People of Adam</p> <p>Woe to the oppressors and tyrants who exploit this world for their benefit. They are misguided and blind to the truth. Ask Allah (SWT) to protect you and your family from such ignorance.</p> <p><br />O' people of conscience and wisdom, please heed the glad tidings and warnings of our beloved Prophet and Teacher, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).</p> <p>In the traditions listed above there is great emphasis by the Prophet (PBUH) on the land of 'Sham' and the people residing within the city. As an American Muslim, with Syrian descent, and ethnically Kurdish roots, I feel that the Prophet (PBUH) is speaking directly to me and also to 40 million other Syrians, and then to 1.6 Billion Muslims, and then to 6.2 Billion inhabitants of Earth. Syria is undergoing a severe onslaught of corruption and manipulation. The country is in shambles due to the lack of faith and fear of Allah (SWT) that is expected from just rulers. Let us not be mistaken by worldly matter and affairs.</p> <p>I ask the people of Syria to rise up against tyranny displaying no fear as they have gallantly done so far. I ask the people of Damascus to rise up against dictatorship and corruption. The people of cities across the Syrian nation have taken the streets as their arena to fight for justice. Chants of Allah and His Greatness, freedom from oppression, toppling the corrupt system, and peaceful revolting against an illegitamte system of government shake the streets of Aleppo, Hama, Homs, Lattakia, Daraya, Banias, Tartous, Qamishli, Hasaka, Der Ezzour, Daraa, Seyda, and Damascus. These cries for freedom and justice are not falling on deaf ears outside of Syria. The world recognizes the terroristic facade of Mr. Bashar Al Asad. His rule has come to a horrific end and he will be brough to justice.</p> <p>The people of Syria will continue to display heroism and contentness with their situation. They will persevere in toppling this arrogant tyrant and his helpers. Allah is with the people of Syria. The people of Syria need to be with God. My dearest brothers and sisters, you are the heroes of our people. The people of Muhammad (PBUH) need you to display your courage as if it were a showcase of guts and glory. This is not a movie, nor a play, nor a comedy, nor a tragedy; this is life. Many times our destinies push us towards circumstances where we must risk life and limb to do what is right. Can we make it through to the end knowing that we all did what we could to stand up against an oppressive ruler like Bashar Al Asad? Are we part of the chosen people of Sham? Do we want to be? Where are you now? Where will you be?</p> <p>Death is surrounding Syrians from all sides. They can not escape it. They must embrace it. Prepare for it with good deeds. What better way to prepare for death than struggling in the way of Allah by voicing your opinion against an oppressive ruler?</p> <p>God is Great.</p> <p>Greater than all tyrants, nations, governments, and people.</p> <p><br />God is Supreme. <strong><br /></strong></p> Wed, 01 Jun 2011 20:47:00 -0700 Dallas Internet Obama Syria Twitter Kurd 20 Must Follow English Syrian Tweeters <p>Everyone keeps asking us who we follow for English news on events happening in Syria so that they can avoid the spam. Here are a list of Twitters and a brief description. The ones listed near the top are "Must follow" as you get down toward the bottom they are "may follow". However, we follow all of them, and then some! This is who we follow:</p> <p></p> <p>@MalathAumran - One of the cyber activists that helped start this whole movement and is directing it as much as possible from Beirut, Lebanon. Has a huge network of people on the ground in various cities and locations sending him updates and information. Almost all of his tweets are in English, with rare exceptions.</p> <p>@Monajed - A Syrian dissident and opposition activist based out of the UK&gt; Excellent English tweets, provides great links to great articles, videos, pictures, and excellent tweets. Tweets heavily. Almost entirely in English, with rare exceptions.</p> <p>@WissamTarif - A Syrian human rights activist that tweets about events on the ground. He is actually in Syria now and has very useful tweets. At least, he sure suonds like he is on the inside. Tweets almost entirely in English.</p> <p>@Mohammad_Syria - Another human rights activist in Syria. Tweets entirely in English with rare exceptions.</p> <p>@Tharwacolamus - A Syrian dissident and opposition activist based out of the United States. Left Syria in 2005. Great posts and blogs.&nbsp;</p> <p>@Razaniyat - Another human rights activist, but not in Syria. Excellent tweets, but only about half are in English.</p> <p>@SeekerSK - An excellent English source on Syria and tons of links to videos of protests and events on the ground.</p> <p>@SyrianJasmine - Another great English Syria Tweeter. Tweets almost entirely in English about Syria's revolution.</p> <p>@RazanSpeaks - Based out of London, but tweets about Syria. Almost entirely in English.</p> <p>@edwardedark - Great English tweeter on Syria. Lots of useful info, insight, and links! Can't miss!</p> <p>@SyTweets - A lot of information in English on Syria, but you have to filter out the Arabic tweets. Very useful resource. Heavy tweeter that has been around for a while. Great insight on revolution now.</p> <div>@SyriaTweet - Tweets on Syrian issues, especially the revolution now. Has been around a long time. About 50% of tweets are in English, not all retwteets are in English.</div> <p>@ShaamNews and @ShaamNN - The Shaam News Network Arabic and English feeds, respectively. Great to watch all their videos from inside Syria. Some are horrific.</p> <p>@Anasqtiesh - Another human rights activist. Primarily tweets in English.</p> <p>@syrianintegrity - Tweets mainly in English, But a lot of retweets are in Arabic.</p> <div>@Ghonim - The Google employee who started Egypt's revolution, tweets on Syria now as well, but mainly Egypt. Provides great insights. About 70% of tweets are in English.</div> <p>@ProfKahf - A United States based Professor, originally from Syria. Great tweets and insight. All tweets are in English, with ocassional retweets in Arabic.</p> <div> <p>@LongLiveHalab - Another great Syria tweeter. Halab is Aleppo in Arabic. Entirely in English.</p> </div> <div>@SyrianPresident - A nice, somewhat humurous, profile that tweets in English. Funny parody of Assad. Good tweets in English. Similar to...</div> <p>@PresidentAssad - Another fake Assad account. Also tweets in English. Provides good insight and an ocassional laugh.</p> <p>@March15Syria - Doesn't tweet often, but always in English. Always pertinents.</p> <p>@SyrianSunnyBoy - Another great tweeter in English. Provides lots of information and tweets on Syria.</p> <p>@AmericanSyrian - Similar twitter name to ours, but provides great insight and great information on Syria from a US perspective. Always in English.</p> <p>@Safibarri&nbsp;- Another great Syria tweeter. Unclear where he is located, but tweets in English.</p> <p>@USBornKurd - A texas based tweeter with lots of good information on Syria. Always in English.</p> <p>@Hussamga - A US tweeter out of Georgia, always useful information on Syria. Also an activist for Syria. Always in English.</p> <p>@AyatSyria - A US based tweeter on Syria. Media savvy and always tweeting at cnn, ac360, and other US media outlets. Good to retweet. Always in English.</p> <p>@lfmasri - A US based activist with lots of connections with congress and senate. Provides English tweets on activity for Syria in the United States.</p> <p>@monaeltahawy - Tweets a lot, not always about Syria. Good resource. Always in English. She is more famous for her involvement in the Egyptian revolution.</p> <p>@FreeSyriaNow11 - Doesn't tweet a lot, but usually important tweets.</p> <p>@MayorKhairullah - American Syrian Mayor in New Jersey. Great tweets. All English.</p> <p><strong>@AmericanSyrians</strong> - Not to be confused with the above gentleman. This is our news feed. Automatically receive tweets when new articles or events are posted. We don't tweet a lot, but when we do, it's important. We tweet out the good article links that others tweet, as well as tweeting out a lot of messages at our elected officials. Great to retweet our messages at elected officials. If @BarackObama sees a lot of #Syria tweets directed at him, he will pay attention. If you wanted just one source for Syria tweets, we recommend following us!</p> <p><strong>Others we follow on Syria:</strong></p> <p>@MuazJ77 @MoJondy @mjondy @ammarkahf @atassi72 @JoeLieberman @SenJohnMcCain @GrahamBlog @Kabobfest @syrianetf @calperryAJ @arwaCNN @HalaGorani @andersoncooper @ac360</p> <p><strong>To make this even easier, just subscribe to our list English Tweeters list. We will always keep it up to date and add and remove names as necessary!</strong></p> <p><strong><a href="!/list/AmericanSyrians/syria-english">!/list/AmericanSyrians/syria-english</a></strong></p> Sat, 30 Apr 2011 06:19:00 -0700 Internet Syria Twitter Mohammed 36 Imagining a future without Assad <p>If you're like me and you want up to the minute raw news on the happenings in Syria, then you have a twitter account. The most common hash mark for news is #syria. Under this hash you will find a ton of unedited, up to the second, posts with links to videos, pictures and news stories.</p> <p>In the past few days, there has been a new trend emerging. Its a trend that illustrates peoples wishes and dreams of a Syrian future without Assad and his criminal mafia running the country. It is "#whensyriaisfree ".</p> <p></p> <p>I have been keeping a track of this trend for the past week, and it looks like a picture of a promising future is forming for Syria. It was all started by a user named Sooria7urria on April 21st.. In his/her first Tweet, this user says "I suggest we start a hash tag #whensyriaisfree to motivate into tomorrow." followed by "#whensyriaisfree there will no more fear." This user also instructs Bashar Al Assad to follow this hash to know the true aspirations of his people.</p> <p>Since then, there have been thousands of tweets envisioning a brighter future from what the Assads have put us through for the last half century. They also shed light on the corruption and fear that Syrians live through on a daily basis.</p> <p>User Ghosam says that #whensyriaisfree I will speak in my own name and won't be scared if I forget to use a proxy server (translated from Arabic). Referring to fear of being arrested if he dares to speak out against the regime.</p> <p>He goes onto to write (translated)&nbsp;&nbsp;#whensyriaisfree: The migrating Swallows will return to their nests. He is referring to the millions of displaced Syrians all around the world.</p> <p>Bintalsham follows up that thought with (translated): The citizen will have a dignity that was absent in his country, but he found in different countries.</p> <p>User TammyKF says (translated) #whensyriaisfree, when I get pulled over I will not stuff my car registration papers with money, and if I get a ticket, I will go and pay it. Reffering to the rampant bribery present amongst all government operations.</p> <p>User z3arab says "nightmares will turn into beautiful dreams" and user 0_anas says (translated) I will go vote because I know my vote will count, and it has an affect, and I have a worth in my community and country." This refers to the mockery of an election that the Syrian government holds periodically in order to "elect" Assad with a 99.9% vote.</p> <p>noor93 writes: (translated): we will feel safe because we rid ourselves of the Animal gov't, i mean Assad (lion)</p> <p>Referring to Rami Makhlouf, Bashar Al Assad's cousin, who forcibly owns a piece of every business venture in Syria, user @LeShaque writes:&nbsp;I will open a company without having Rami Makhlouf as a partner.</p> <p>Showing the true genorosity of Syrians, hkhabbab writes: everyone who reads this tweet is invited to breakfast for some "mamooniya" aleppo style, in Aleppo. Mamooniya is a staple in Aleppan breakfasts.</p> <p>One user's tweets have been retweeted many times. User @LongLiveHalab writes:&nbsp;#whensyriaisfree: I plan on visiting the heros in #daraa #bayda #banias and #homs and giving them a kiss on their heads.&nbsp;</p> <p>She/he also writes:&nbsp;#whensyriaisfree: I plan on visiting my grandfather's grave. And finding out what happened to my uncle 30 yrs ago. #syria #aleppo then goes on to say&nbsp;I plan on meeting all these Free Syrians that have ben keeping us updated on the news in #syria #daraa #homs #aleppo #sham. Referring to the cyberactivists that have risked their lives to keep the world up to date on whats happening in Syria. Lastly, @LongLiveHalab writes:&nbsp;We will reunite with loved ones, and catch up on their news. #syria and "#bashar #ASSad lifts emergency law; replaces it with "shoot to kill" law! #syria #whensyriaisfree there will be justice!"</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>These are just snippets from the millions of interesting tweets you will find on twitter. I suggest everyone follow the news on twitter and see what is happening and how these people, who have been kicked down for many years, are now standing up and saying enough, and already imagining their brighter future.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>God be with those who fight for freedom!</p> Sun, 24 Apr 2011 18:36:00 -0700 Internet Syria Twitter Ammar 2 Backlash to Bloodshed <p>Yesterday, and before the Assads unleashed their fury on the unarmed protesters a statement was released signed by the various local committees running the protests movements all over the country. While the authenticity of the statement requires further verification to see that it has indeed been approved by all provincial committees, the detailed list of demands included comes as an accurate reflection of the online conversations we&rsquo;ve been having with in-country activists for the past three weeks.</p> <p>But most activists would now push for the inclusion of a clear call for the immediate resignation of Bashar Al-Assad. The next logical step will be to announce the formation of a committee outside the country that can officially speak for the revolution. It is also important to see future protests raising banners and slogans endorsing the demands made by the committees.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Read full article.</a></p> Sun, 24 Apr 2011 18:11:00 -0700 Internet Syria Mohammed 2