Why Syria Matters

To the average American, Syria is some third world country with a despotic dictator who is slaughtering his own people. Why should we care? Doesn't this happen everywhere? Isn't this happening in South America, Subsaharan Africa, Cambodia, North Korea, and Iran every day? Why should Americans care?

There are a number of reasons why Americans should care about Syria.

1. The Syrian regime (the ruling Assad family, and not the people of Syria) are highly toxic to freedom and democracy. Further, the world would be a safer place without them on all fronts. Americans would be safer and we won't have to worry about 911-like attacks. The Grand Mufti of Syria, who is sponsored and fully supported by the Syrian regime, has called for a war with America and Europe and has asked to have suicide bombers and 911-like attacks to be carried out against the United States.

2. The Syrian regime (not the people) supports Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. All of these organizations are on the terrorist organizations list. All of them want to kill Americans. Syria was a part of the Axis of Evil, along with Iran and North Korea. They support nuclear arms in Iran and North Korea. This is bad news for everyone.

3. Syria allowed Hezbollah and other terrorists to cross into Iraq to kill American troops. This in itself is enough! They also provided training to these terrorist on how to attack American troops in Iraq.

4. Syria supports Iran. The highly anti-American regime in Iran has one single friend in the Middle East. That friend is Syria. If the Syrian regime is ousted, and a new regime takes over, Iran will lose it's legitimacy and power. Iran stands against our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran stands against democracy and freedom. Iran has a nuclear weapons program. We do not want Iran to have more clout and more power in teh Middle East. A new regime in Syria is unlikely to be as friendly with Iran.

5. Syria is a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel. When our close ally and friend Mubarak was coming under pressure to resign, we quickly asked him to go. But when a sworn enemy, in Assad, comes under pressure we allow him to do as he pleases? This makes no sense and is a contradictory policy. Assad needs to go. The sooner, the better. The United States needs to have clear objectives and clear goals. We support freedom and democracy. We abhor despotism and oppression.

6. The terrorist organization Hamas has a headquarters in Damascus with the blessing of Assad. This is insane. Why harbor terrorists? 

7. Syria already had a nuclear weapons program that was destroyed by Israel in a bombing raid in 2008. They have already acquired nuclear technology once, there is no doubt that they have re-acquired this technology. And are willing to use it.

8. Syria is using its army to demolish entire villages and cities. Incessant shelling, tanks, helicopter gunships, fighter jets are all being used to attack crowds of civilians chanting "Freedom, freedom, peace, peace." This is insane. Over 10,000 people have been killed (that are accounted for) and the true numbers are likely triple that figure.

9. Any alternative regime can only be better. Syria's rulers hate the United States and Israel, stand with Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Have killed our troops in Iraq and are helping Iran create nuclear weapons, instead of focusing on their own economy and people. Any alternative is better than this. It can't get any worse. We may as well stand with the people on the streets and gain their friendship and good grace. One of them will rule Syria one day.

10. Syria is in a strategic location globally. It borders, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. A new regime in Syria will be essential for world relations and world peace. We have to make sure we support them and that we are their friends. Assad's regime has been anti-American and anti-Israel since the beginning of time. We tried playing nice with them, and it didn't work. Regime change is welcome and they will probably like us.

11. The Middle East is changing quickly. Regardless of what happens, it will never be the same. What we do now, will affect what people in the Middle East think of the United States for many years to come, perhaps the next 50 years. We need to be on the side of democracy, freedom, and justice. We can't risk being viewed as supporters of despotic dictators. It's important to have a favorable view. And it's the right thing to do. We can no longer afford having a hypocritical and inconsistent world view. The youth and future generations that will run the Middle East are very educated and will not be satisified with hypocritical and inconsistent world views. You either stand for freedom, justice, and democracy, or you don't!

12. The Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden ideology is slowly withering away and the highly sophisticated youth of the Middle East are taking over. They are proponents of democracy, freedom, and social justice. We need to champion their cause and adopt it. The people on the streets already view the United States as a world leader on many fronts; socially, economically, and even our popular culture permeates their daily lives. It's important to be consistent and support justice and freedom when we can.

13. We are leaders. The United States is viewed as a moral compass and a world leader. We can't be wrong and support all the wrong causes and wrong people. That's not what leaders do. That's what weak and pathetic people do. We need to stand up for justice, equality, freedom, advancement, liberty, and democracy. We need to make our stance clear and we should be as supportive as we can.

Please contact the White House and elected officials using our quick forms to let them know that you care about the outcome of Syria and that you want the United States to take a stronger stance in supporting freedom and democracy in Syria.

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