A Letter A Day for Syria Campaign

by John Mak April 7, 2012

A Letter A Day

We are launching a new campaign called "A Letter A Day for Syria". Every day, before you sleep at night, send a letter to your congressional leaders and president Obama urging them to help the Syrian people. This is the most effective campaign and will get the most results. Our goal is to have 2 million letters sent to congress by Memorial Day 2012! 


Register now with Congress.org website. This will save all of your information, and you can quickly send a letter every day without having to login, edit your information, and reuse it.

They count how many letters are sent on each topic and that influences the decision makers. "Senator, we got another 15 on Syria."


Start today! And send a letter every day! Send some on behalf of your kids and friends. Print them out and send printed letters. Bombard them with letters on Syria. This will be very effective.

Spread the word!

Share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Email, and all other forms of outreach. Look out for our Facebook events and fliers. Share and reshare. We need 2 million letters! Tweet with the hashtag #ALAD4Syria "A letter a day for Syria". Get everyone doing it. Use the shortlink: http://bit.ly/HwGJhh


Honorable Congressman and President Obama,

I urge you, once again, to act now on Syria. The situation is deteriorating out of control and is getting worse and worse. Syria is in our strategic interest in that vital part of the world. We can't afford to not stand on the side of the people and on teh side of democracy in Syria. Assad will be gone soon, and we need to position ourselves in the hearts and minds of the freedom-loving Syrian people.

Thank you,

A concerned citizen

Or use our full letter at: http://americansyrians.com/syria/post/Syria-President-Obama.aspx

What are you waiting for? Go start sending letters!


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