Chicago Red Cross Helping Syria

by John Mak August 28, 2012

The Chicago chapterof the American Red Cross is responding to the crisis in Syria and has contributed $200,000 to help in Syria. Find out what the Red Cross is doing.


• More than a year of unrest in Syria has affected an estimated1.5 million people and thousands have been displaced, wounded or killed. 
• The overall humanitarian situation is deteriorating as violence has spread across the country; as a result the ICRC has publicly announced that hostilities in Syria amount to an internal conflict. 
• People caught in neighborhoods affected by violence often have only limited access to food, water, health care and other basic needs. 
• Resources are being stretched to capacity and vulnerabilities are growing as host communities and neighboring countries host thousands of displaced people and refugees. 


• The American Red Cross has committed $200,000 to the International Federation Syria Crisis appeal, earmarked for food parcels, and continues to monitor the situation. The American Red Cross previously committed $235,000 to support the Syrian Arab Red Crescent through the International Federation’s Middle East and North Africa Civil Unrest appeal. 


Syrian Arab Red Crescent: Despite dangerous conditions for volunteers and staff, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent remains the lead organization in coordinating response efforts and delivering services. It has distributed thousands of food parcels and relief kits, trained around 10,000 volunteers and is also the main ambulance provider in many parts of Syria. 

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: The International Federation has issued an appeal for USD $27.8 million to support the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in directly assisting 200,000 people and building the capacity of the society to support the estimated 1.5 million people affected throughout the country. 

International Committee of the Red Cross: The ICRC is assisting the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in coordination of operational field response activities in relief distribution, first aid, connecting family members and security management. 

Carrie Wall 
Manager, Disaster and International Services 
American Red Cross 
Greater Chicago Region 
The Rauner Center 
2200 W. Harrison St. 
Chicago, IL 60612 
(312) 729-6168 (p) 
*Please note new email address* 


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