Daycare Massacre in Houle

by John Mak May 26, 2012

We thought it wouldn't and couldn't happen in the era of Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. But the Assad regime is hellbent on broadcasting their brutal massacres to the world. Right under the UN Observers noses. Thumbing their noses and raising a fat middle finger to the world.

In a suburb of Homs, called Houla, the Assad forces stormed a daycare and hand-slaughtered over 50 children. They bashed kids heads in, cut their mouths off, cut out their necks, decapitated some of them with knives, and blew open other's heads with close range shots into the mouth. Scenes so horrific, you wouldn't think that this could actually happen in 2012, while the world "observes".

Watch the video below if you can stomach seeing maimed and brutally injured children. This is probably one of the most disturbing videos to date:



Massacre | Video

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