Daily Defections: Assad losing grip

by John Mak July 6, 2012

Every day now, you have news of large scale defections in the Syrian military. The Free Syrian Army is growing rapidly, progressing with their techniques, and is evolving quickly on the ground. Top level defections are customary now, and the Free Syrian Army is more organized than ever. They are going to win this on their own, and it won't be long. Large corridors of Syrian territory are no longer controlled by Assad. He has to fly in his military to border checkpoints, because the land routes are all cut off and secured by the FSA.

The United States and western world are non-factors. The Free Syrian Army has created their own safe-zones, have seized their own weapons, and are collecting an armament of weapons from defectors and military bases that they capture. They aren't waiting for anyone to arm them.

The United States risks losing influence and credibility in the region by not supporting the FSA sooner.



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