Family Pleads For Help to Rescue 11 Year Old Daughter Trapped in Daraa Syria

by Kurd May 16, 2011

DEARBORN (WWJ) - A Southeast Michigan family from Syria is appealing for the U.S. to help evacuate their daughter who is trapped in the war-torn country.

American-born, 11-year-old Sara Alouh has not been heard from since the beginning of democratic protests and clashes with government troops.

The girl’s father, Ahamad Alouh of Flint, said Sara is with her grandparents in Syria, where their home in Dara’a was destroyed by tanks.

“As a parent, we need Sara back. My concern is my daughter. And I understand the feelings of parents and kids in this critical situation,” Alouh said.

“In the past few weeks, over a thousand people, including women and children, have been killed and over 12,000 arrested,” he said.

Congressman Hansen Clarke, together with local advocacy group CAIR-MI, are appealing to the Obama Administration to help bring the girl home.

“This is a terrible thing, what’s happening to this family,” Clark said, adding that they’re also asking the President to impose sanctions against the Syrian government.

“We’ve got to put pressure on them through the world community to stop these atrocities that are occurring in Syria. And, again, the point is what’s happening in Syria is directly affecting Michigan and Michigan families,” Clark said.

According to CAIR, video clips show unarmed protesters shot down by snipers, homes torched and cars flattened by tanks.

“There are reports that ambulances carrying the wounded are fired at and blocked from reaching hospitals, that doctors are shot and killed to prevent them from treating the wounded, and that women and children are raped,” said CAIR Staff Attorney, Lene Masri, in a statement.

Congressman Clark said, so far, there have been no evacuations of Americans from Syria.

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