FSA: We are killing Sunnis, not Alawites

by John Mak July 13, 2012

The Free Syrian Army continues to stress that they are at war with the regime, and not a specific sect. In all of their press releases, videos, and statements, they stress that they have killed Sunni informants, Sunni spies, Sunni regime leaders, and Sunni members of Assad's forces. They stress that you haven't heard of a single Alawite town being massacred. Not a single one. Read their full statement.

A translation of statements released by the Free Syrian Army. These statements were compiled from videos, press releases, Facebook posts, and Twitter posts:

"We the Free Syrian Army are not fighting a sectarian war. We are fighting Assad's criminal forces. Regardless of religion. If you take a look at our movements and our actions, we have killed far more Sunnis than anyone from any other religion or sect. Just last week, we killed over 30 Sunnis loyal to Assad in an assasination campaign. They were all spies and informants or people who have tortured the civilians that we are protecting."

"Have you heard of any massacres of an Alawi (Alawite) village? No. The Free Syrian Army has over 70,000 men and we control all of the land west of the cities from Turkey to Jordan. If we wanted to massacre an Alawite town, we could do it very easily. But we aren't doing that. That is not what God's people do. Those Alawites in those towns are oppressed and are supporting us. We are protecting them too! We are not sectarian, we are fighting those that fight us."

"If anyone claims that the Free Syrian Army is sectarian, show us the proof? Where are the Alawite massacres? Where are they? The Christians and Alawites in our areas support us and are helping us. And we are protecting them from Assad."


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