Response to Kofi Annan meeting with Assad

by Omar March 15, 2012

Ruthlessly slaughtered, living in a perpetual state of fear, threatened by a murderous regime, the Syrian people beg for help. While these events unfold, however, Kofi Annan sits with the butcher himself, Bashar al Assad, sipping coffee and discussing unrealistic solutions to the problem. Yet that in itself is a lie, for Assad clearly stated that no solution can be reached while there are armed terrorist gangs destabilizing the nation. Despite all of this, Annan is “optimistic.” One actually comes to wonder what world Annan is living in. 

Perhaps it is the world the Syrian regime has brilliantly constructed – the world of "armed gangs", "international conspiracies", "terrorist agendas", and the list goes on. In truth, Assad and his government sound like a broken record, repeatedly uttering the same excuses. Yet it is truly disappointing that the former UN Attorney General failed to see through these lies. The death count rises by the day, yet he is "optimistic." Is he optimistic about executions and massacres? Yes, the Syrian people do want peace, but an artificial peace under a totalitarian government is definitely not an option. Assad lost his legitimacy, as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointed out months ago, but he continues to assert his authority in brutal ways. 

Although images of this brutality are being broadcast daily on YouTube and other live feeds, the international community and the United Nations continue to ignore the Syrian people. Such a humanitarian tragedy, for it is indeed a humanitarian tragedy, is truly a shame for it to be occurring in the 21st century with the expansiveness of the media. Yet people turn a blind eye, and succumb to the safety of the fact that this is occurring a far away land. Yet, if the international community and the United Nations are not willing to help the ravaged Syrian people, who is truly safe? A revolution can break out in the most stable of countries as has been proven by history. And the people that stood watching such atrocities being committed could be subjected to the same hopeless situation, with no one to help or care. 

Kofi Annan arrived in Syria as a beacon of hope. Upon his leaving, he transformed into yet another disappointment to the Syrian people. How many more people will have to die for the international community to take action?



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