More dismembered tortured bodies

by John Mak October 5, 2011

Zainab Alhusni was a poor seamstress in Syria. She was loved by all her neighbors and friends. In a tragic and horrific turn of events, she has become a symbol of the cruelty gripping Syria.

Alhusni was only 18 when she stepped away from her Homs residence last month to buy groceries. Her family never again saw her alive. She was whisked away by Syrian security forces to coax the surrender of her activist brother, and ended up beheaded and dismembered, a neighbor, activists and human rights groups say. This is one of the most brutal and disturbing cases of torture in Syria to date.

Zainab Alhusni was a young female. She was kidnapped by Assad's regime and tortured to death. Charred body parts, melted limbs and fingers, burn marks all over her face, bruising all over her body, and a horrific ending. Her limbs were then chopped off one by one. Then her head was chopped off.

A BBC reporter who was picked up by accident and sheltered in one of these torture chambers describes humans that were hanging from their ankles bleeding, bruised, frothing at the mouth and making sounds like beasts. They didn't sound human. He had never heard or seen such sounds.

Syria continues to torture, kill, maime, and wage war on it's own people. The world continues to sit by and watch. Will this be Obama's Rwanda? Must 800,000 people die before NATO wakes up?


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