Most brutal torture and murder video

by John Mak January 2, 2013

If you are faint at heart, don't click through to watch this video. In this video, Syrian government troops round up a group of about 5 men. The men are huddled into a corner with their shirts pulled over their heads and their hands handcuffed behind them. They taunt and yell at the men for a while. They pose and take "funny" pictures and wave at the videographer. But what happnes next is horrific beyond description.

They choose two men to stay behind, while they escort the rest out. It isn't apparent where those other men were going. The two that remain end up experiencing one of the sickest and most brutal torture episodes ever caught on video.

They Syrian soldiers start by using knives to slowly start tearing the mens shirts off. They pick away very superficially just tearing their shirts. Then they start picking away making incisions into the skin of their backs. They laugh and joke, and show one another various techniques. They beging taking pride in how skillfull they are at torturing these two poor guys. They then begin making hard and deep jabs at them. Into their sides, near their kidneys, into their lungs. When the two men don't fall and don't collapse, they stab them in the legs and in the knees until they fall onto their knees.

Then they begin jabbing their knives deep into their backs. Then they start jabbing into their necks from the back, right at the spinal cord. Then a few side swipes at the neck into the carotids and jugulars. Then a few more stabs in the back in the spine. Then men are visibly handicapped and can no longer react and are probably paralyzed and or have bled out internally at this point.

They kick the men to the ground even further and then take large concrete cinder blocks and throw them at the mens' heads. You see the concrete shatter as it hits their heads. They throw a few more slabs of concrete on the men and then celebrate and leave.

This happens every day in Syria. This is not a one time episode. This happens daily. All around the country. People are tortured and killed brutally.

If you thought that was disturbing, try imagining that video with the two victims as women. Being poked, prodded, and dismembered with knives. That happens every day. It is not unusual or rare.

That is Syria. That is why the Syrian people want out. They have endured over 40 years of this and now the world gets to see it on YouTube.

Call President Obama and your senators and tell them to do something!


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