No doubts: Perpetrators of Houla massacre were Assad's military forces

by John Mak May 28, 2012

Assad's spin machine is attempting to blame the Houla Massacre on the freedom-loving demonstrators, but eye witness acounts from children survivors of the Houla Massacre have surfaced, including video interviews on Youtube, describing Assad's military and para-military forces as the perpetrators of the Houla Massacre. An older female survivor tells the same story of Assad's military going home to home and killing everything in sight. The two children survived by playing dead. The female child that survived was connected to a chest tube and stabbed in the chest as she gave her Youtube interview. The little boy that survived smeared blood on himself and played dead. 

The story unfolds at 3am. After continued shelling of the Houla district of Homs, Assad's military pulls up in front of a string of about 8 homes. They enter the first home, where the little boy child witness lived, and asked his mother about three males. She said she had no idea where they were. They shot her and his sister. They proceeded to rampage through the home killing everyone in sight. They fired at the little boy and missed, he covered himself in blood and laid down and played dead. They raided the home stealing televisions and computers.

The boy eventually ran away to a relatives house, where the same military officers arrived and replayed the same scenario again. The boy ran off and escaped.

When the little boy was asked, who were these men, what were they wearing. He was confused as to why they were asking him these questions and said that he knows exactly who they were and described them very clearly with their facial hair and military uniforms. He said they arrived in tanks and personnel carriers and that they were the Syrian army and "Shabiha". The Shabiha are Assad's para-military shadow forces that run amuck and operate with complete impunity.

In other homes, when they found the male they were looking for, they tied up all of the children, many of them under 10 months old, and forced their father to watch them brutally slaughter each one of them, one by one. Some children were shot in the head and had their brain blown out. Some had their heads bashed with hammers. Some had their throats slit and their eyes carved out of their sockets. The father was forced to watch. Over 50 children were massacred in this way with their parents forced to watch. 

In other homes, the women were tied up and sodomized with weapons and various household objects, while the family was forced to watch. Then they were shot multiple times. Then finally, they would kill the males they were looking for. 

Their approach is systematic and calculated. Very similar to what happened in Hama in 1982, when Assad's father ordered a similar crackdown. History is repeating itself and the entire world is watching but continues to remain silent.


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