Obama's legacy massacred in Syria

by John Mak June 17, 2012

Assad has gone bonkers. Slaughtering children and massacring entire villages is a sign of desperation and weakness. The rest of the world cannot stomach watching massacres on CNN every night and sleep at night as if nothing is happening.

Obama was hoping that he would not have to deal with the Syria situation until after the election. He wants to run on the "President that ended all wars" platform. Unfortunately, this is a faulty premise to run on, but his camp seems like they are trying their damndest to run on that platform. Even at the cost of ruining Obama's legacy forever.

The Romney campaign are running on the "Obama is bankrupt on international leadership" platform and are gaining a lot of ground. Romney cites Syria as a very specific example of Obama's weak foreign policy. Further, republican strategists are claiming that Obama's response to the Arab Spring was slow, timid, and non-committal. He would wait till the very end and an inevitable winner was decided to take the side of the winner. There is no leadership in that.

Syria needs to be handled very differently and very quickly. Over 80% of the country is controlled by the freedom fighters and Assad has lost his two major strongholds, Aleppo and Damascus. The freedom fighters are taking the fight to Assad and attacking his loyalists in Damascus. They are no longer waiting and defending. They are on the attack. It will be a matter of weeks before Assad is removed forcibly from power.

Obama is taking the United States down a dangerous path of apathy and lack of support for democracy and freedom in the Middle East. Further, he is siding with the terrorist organization Hezbollah and siding with terrorist supporting cuntry of Iran. This is the opposite message that we need to be sending to the people of the Middle East. We need to support freedom and democracy and stand against dictatorships and evil regimes. We should stand against terrorism; against Iran and Hezbollah.

Further, Obama is sending a horrific message to tyrannical leaders throughout the world. That if your people rise up against you asking for freedom and you crack down hard enough and massacre and slaughter children, that the world will leave you alone to "handle your business" regardless of how many videos are posted on Youtube. That is the wrong message.

Obama needs to swallow his pride and side with the Syrian people quickly, before it's too late. There is a small window left where a no fly zone, and arming the freedom fighters with better weapons would make a huge difference and end Assad's regime faster. Assad is gone. There is no doubt. But the US looks like we are enabling Assad's murder and slaughter at this point. The Syrian people think the world has turned a blind eye. We can still turn that around at this point, but that window of opportunity is closing quickly.

Obama needs to stop worrying about elections and start worrying about reality; like children whose throats were slit and whose brains were blown out. Women who were raped and beaten to a pulp. Men who are being raped and tortured for no reason whatsoever other than wanting freedom.

History will destroy the Obama presidency and look at it very poorly.


Obama | Rape | Torture

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