Reflections: One Year Anniversary of AmericanSyrians

by John Mak April 24, 2012 was registered and launched on April 19, 2011. We hoped we would never reach the one year anniversary mark and never have to actually post updates this far removed from the beginning of the Syrian rally for freedom. Alas, here we are. Thirty million visitors later. Thank you all for following us and reading us! Keep spreading the word about the humanitarian and criminal disaster in Syria. The Syrian people need our help. Elected officials need to hear from us. Syria needs help. Syria needs an intervention in the worst way.

To date: 

15,000+ Killed
1000 Tortured to Death
200,000 Disappeared into the torture chambers and prisons
200,000 Displaced Refugees
1000 Children Killed 
2000 Women Killed
70,000 Missing
200 Children Tortured to Death
600 Women Tortured to Death 

While the world continues to discuss, chat, and pass endless resolutions. THIS IS A MASSACRE! Kaddafi threatened a massacre, and we removed him from power without a single US soldier on the ground!

Syria's Assad is not threatening to massacre his people. He actually is MASSACRING them! And all we can do is wax poetic and philosophize about this miniscule problem. 

President Obama, the blood of Syria's children is on your hands. Every day that goes by, every moment that you waste, every second that you take... innocent Syrians are being brutally killed, raped, tortured, electrocuted, decapitated, humiliated, killed, and abused in the most creative, inventive, and bizarre ways humanity has ever seen. What a shame. This is a blemish on our history that the world will not forget. Nor forgive.

To our Syrian brethren, we apologize that we have not been more effective in bringing about an end to this woeful, miserable, tragic, and unnecessary situation! We pray that you will have it in your hearts to forgive us, for we won't forgive ourselves. We have failed you. But we will continue to work hard to remove this misery from your lives. 

We can never give you back your mother, your sister, your father, your uncle, your grandfather. We can never repay you for your sacrifice. Your blood. Your tears. Your orphans. Your handicapped bodies. Your missing limbs. Your emaciated genitals. Your virginity. Your childhood. Your innocence. Your country. All of this has been destroyed by this vicious monster of a dictator.

You will stay strong! You will be steadfast! You will carry on the call for freedom and democracy! You will overcome! You will win! And most importantly, you will REBUILD!


Obama | Rape | Torture

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