American Syrians joins other groups in condemning terrorist speaker Grand Mufti Hassoun

by John Mak June 25, 2012

American Syrians condemns in the strongest terms the organization and founder of the organization that is promoting and bringing Syria's Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun to the United States to speak. An organization called Syrian American Forum, founded by New Jersey orthopedic surgeon Dr. Nasser Ani, M.D., has invited Grand Mufti Hassoun to speak in Washington DC. We vehemently oppose this decision and this choice of speaker. Dr. Ani and Hassoun are promoting anti-American sentiments, terrorism, and hatred. Hassoun has called for suicide bombers to attack the United States and Europe. This is unacceptable and an egregious act of contempt against the United States.

Based on the invitation that was sent out, which can be found here, Dr. Nasser Ani has invited the Grand Mufti to speak in the United States. Here is a sampling of the Grand Mufti Hassoun's speeches posted on Youtube. He calls for suicide bombers to kill Americans, Brittains, and French people:

American Syrians will work toward rallying support and protests against this event and will condemn any future activities by this group. The Syrian American Forum should be added to the terrorist organizations list and leaders should be tried on terrorism charges and treason.


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