Syrian Regime Gang Raping Women

by John Mak May 13, 2011

The Syrian Regime's security thugs starting a campaign of gang raping women. Here is one woman's story. It's a video in Arabic with a brief summary of her story in English below.

Rough translation of what she is saying (in between crying):

My husband had left the house to go the funeral of one of our relatives. My parents were gone too. I went to visit them and had my young son with me. I didn't find my parents at home, and was home alone with my son, waiting for my husband and parents to come back. My son was crying, so I went to his room to read him some Quran and comfort him. I heard a knock on the door, I thought my parents had returned. Instead, there were 5 men with weapons. They came in and kept asking me if we have any weapons. I told them that we are very poor and we don't have weapons or anything. They began getting violent. They grabbed my young son and threatened to slaughter him. I told them we don't have anything. They tore up the house and ransacked everything. Then they tore off my hijab (hair cover). They threatened me again and my young son. Then they tore off my clothes and one by one raped me. With my young son still there. Not one or two. All five of them raped me. I complained to God about what they did to me, he is the only One I can take solace in. I just want people to know. I want the world to know what they are doing to us. I am sure I am not the only one. I am sure there are others. The world should know!


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Ahmad Canada
5/13/2011 8:27:28 PM #

that is very bad


Syrian Canadian
Syrian Canadian Canada
5/13/2011 11:39:33 PM #

Bashar Assad is Illegitimate and must go. Bashar Assad killed a thousand of his people and continue to kill anybody asking for some freedom and democracy. Never forget that the Assad's regime exported and export a lot of terrorists across the world and continue producing problems in the middle-east region.  The first thing the Assad's regime teach to the children is that USA and occidental countries are your first enemy. I thing now is the best time to end that criminal regime of Bashar Assad. I encourage Mr. Obama to demand now to Bashar Assad to go out.  


yes yes... of course
yes yes... of course Syria
6/18/2011 1:27:40 PM #

Just one question... Did you see anything with your own eyes? no? then shut it please.
Apparently you come from a very ignorant background, let me enlighten you by saying that images can be easily modified to make them look the way a channel wants them to...
Again, useless to waste my time with you guys: you're nothing more than a bunch of narrow minded people that wouldn't accept any objective discussion of the events.


Mak United States
6/18/2011 8:28:36 PM #

Yeah, Fathi...... It's all fake. Everyone is faking it. There is really nothing happening in Syria right now. Everyone is just sleeping quietly.


No No Ofcourse
No No Ofcourse Egypt
6/22/2011 7:46:47 AM #

Bashar is a nice young man the syrian military is perfect.. Mukhabrat what Mukhabrat everyones happy except the Salafi Zionists Laughing


An Observer
An Observer France
5/22/2011 1:13:30 AM #

When Bashar Assad said earlier this week he made a "mistake" in the handling of some things because he was, essentially, new to the job, does this count as one? Gang rape? He maybe didn't personally order these guys to rape this brave woman, but I bet they knew that nothing would happen to them as a result.


scary Syria
6/18/2011 1:43:02 PM #

This is scary


Hussam Hariri
Hussam Hariri
10/4/2011 6:05:24 PM #

Very typical of Shia terrorits!!! They did that in Iraq for many years, a woman would visit the prison with her young son to see her husband arrested there, they'd rape both her and her son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lowiest, most evil humans on God's earth are the Shi'ites, and their hatred for everything Sunni (Muslim) is unimaginable!!!!! This is their true face, the Party of Satan!!!!!!


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