Syria's Penis Problem

by John Mak May 31, 2011

Syria has a major penis problem! If you haven't been watching CNN or the nightly news, you probably missed the news. Assad's death squads tortured a 13 year old boy and cut off his penis. This has reinvigorated the protests and demonstrators and has reminded them why they are out protesting. They want to see an end to the humiliation, oppresion and lack of human rights and dignity.

Hamza Al Khateeb was a 13 year old boy who got picked up at the end of April by Assad's security apparatus. Why a security apparatus is interested in picking up, detaining, and torturing little boys is unknown. Warning! Extremely Graphic!

His body was returned to his family two weeks later mutilated and dismembered (literally). The family was forced to sign papers stating that they would not allow anyone to see the body or film it. The family was so horrified by what they saw that they could not ignore this and had to spread the word somehow. As has become common, they filmed his body and distributed the video online. Now Syria has a serious penis problem.

Assad's security apparatus used all sorts of barbaric torture techniques on this poor kid including; skinning him alive, removing fingernails, cutting off his penis, putting out cigarettes on his skin, breaking his neck, beating and bruising his legs, and punching him in the face repeatedly. This is so sad and atrocious!

It is unclear why Assad feels so threatened by 13 year old children. The same children that were detained and tortured in Daraa when this all started. It is obviously a scare and intimidation tactic. And it has backfired in a major way. The pictures of Hamza have spread across Syria and are every where. Everyone in Syria has been moved and touched by this unbelievable incident. Syrians are used to being detained, tortured, humiliated, and opressed. But this tugged at many more heartstrings inside of Syria than the normal cases of torture. Here in the United States this is unthinkable and unimaginable, but it is pretty normal for Syria. This is absolutely abhorrent, disgusting, and beneath anything we have ever seen or heard of!

Let this penis be the downfall of Assad's regime!

The home video autopsy with English subtitles and very graphic images is below:

CNN's John King reports on this horrific incident, and interview's Syria's official medical examiner (didn't know they had one) who claims that the body is just naturally decomposing. It's difficult to believe such garbage when you see that he was skinned alive, fingernails removed, penis cut off, cigarette burns on his skin, broken neck, beaten and bruised legs, and swollen face. This is the epitome of inhumanity. How humans can do this to one another is unbelievable! See the John King Video below:


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johnQ United States
6/1/2011 3:24:58 PM #

These people are disgusting.

Reply United States
6/6/2011 6:35:49 PM #

This is not a Penis problem as you so abruptly put it... this is a cultural problem rooted in society.
Things need to change, and quickly!

Fred Jacuvic - Content Writer for


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